How AMPnet Enforces Trust in Decentralized Tokenization

AMPnet makes it possible for anybody to digitize any asset, bridging the gap between the traditional financial markets, real-world assets, and the blockchain ecosystem. Creating a decentralized ecosystem that verifiably and reliably digitizes trillions of dollars in value, however, is no simple task — here’s how AMPnet enforces trust in tokenized assets.

Enforcing Trust in Decentralized Networks

Bitcoin’s Proof of Work model renders the efforts of bad actors invalid by enforcing financial investment via the cost involved in hashing blocks.

AMPnet mirrors this approach to decentralized trust by establishing a system through which tokenized asset issuers are audited through a democratic process. All participants in this ecosystem stake value, which is forfeit in the event of malicious behavior or incompetence.

How AMPnet Handles Trust and Good Behavior

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