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Raising money for a project, whatever it might be, is a messy and complicated process riddled with regulatory confusion, operational inefficiencies and (often) a general lack of direction for the project owners and founders.

For a lot of businesses looking to raise money and even more investors looking to invest, it’s not worth the effort.

Let’s take a look at an example of a bar/night-club looking to expand to a new location. The business is growing, the customers are happy and the owner is confident the new location will be just as profitable. However, the company doesn’t have enough capital…

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Crypto is volatile, no question about it. This volatility makes and breaks fortunes, gives us both FUD and FOMO and keeps that sweet sweet dopamine coursing thorough our brains. Like Dr. Strangelove — we’ve stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb.

However — our fragile love affair with uncertainty lingers on an axiomatic assumption — we buy crypto when we want, and we sell it when we want. If a token in my portfolio starts a (seemingly) unstoppable nosedive — I want (I require!) a guarantee that I’ll be able to exit my position and save whats left to…

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NOTE | This is a copy-and-paste from an article “Digital Assets Will Fundamentally Change the Way We Think About Money. Renewable Energy Will Lead the Way.” written in February of 2019 by AMPnet CEO — Mislav Javor.

In case you have missed the AMA read the highlights summarized here

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In this blog post, we recap the most important questions from the community members during the live AMA (Ask me anything) hosted on Telegram last Saturday, 30th January 2021.

AMPnet’s CEO Mislav Javor, as well as CEO Martin Ploom, have answered questions about their recently announced partnership, DeFi business models, and what the future holds for both of the platforms.

Below you can find the summarized AMA session with all the questions and answers:

Mislav Javor | APX: Hi all! I’m Mislav — blockchain developer, book author (Developers Guide to Ethereum), university lecturer, and a heavily opinionated guy.


AMPnet token holders will be able to use their real-world asset-backed tokens as collateral on

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Our team is glad to announce our partnership with This partnership will allow AMPnet APX token holders to monetize their real asset-backed tokens by using them as collateral on is offering the DeFi lending platform with a low collateral ratio for the borrowers and personal fixed-income funds for the lenders. Additionally, is offering borrower and lender User Interface Widgets for integrations with other platforms.

Why is this partnership important for AMPnet?

Generally, when we speak about real estate investments, we think of long term, low-liquidity shares. In other words, investors are locking their funds for longer periods.

Our partners from will integrate…

The meteoric rise of the DeFi ecosystem in blockchain has been powered by increasingly innovative ways to save, lend, trade and utilize blockchain secured digital assets.

Platforms like Uniswap enable you to list assets and trade them in a fully trustless and transparent way. Aave, Compound and dXdY enable you to earn interest against your tokens. Synthetix is bringing blockchain native financial derivatives. The DeFi floodgates have been opened and there is no shortage of highly innovative projects making their vision of a more inclusive financial future — a rapidly approaching reality.

Underneath all of this hype and innovation, it’s…

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The original article was published on the AMPnet blog. Check it out for more insights on energy and blockchain.

I’ve written before about the evolution of money — from barter to blockchain — and the increasingly complex role finance plays in our lives. This commitment goes much further than simple blog posts. In fact, together with a couple of friends, I’ve made a serious wager that the world of finance is about to get turned on its head.

The decision to start a blockchain company in 2017. and not do an ICO got us a lot of strange looks from…


AMPnet • Build a blockchain powered investment platform — with integrated trading — in minutes. Wrap your investments into synthetic tokens and use on DeFi apps

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