AMPnet ($AAPX) Launch — Everything You Need To Know! (Contract Address, Uniswap, etc…)

NOTICE: There are fake AMPnet ($AAPX) Telegram Groups and Uniswap Liquidity Pools. Beware of scammers and only interact with Official AMPnet channels ( , ). The funds sent to the wrong contracts WILL NOT BE refunded nor acknowledged by the AMPnet team!

The time has finally come to launch the $AAPX Token. As Blockchain and DeFi can be quite complicated and stressful to navigate, and scammers lurk everywhere — we’ve created this comprehensive article to help guide you and make the launch of the $AAPX token as smooth and as transparent as possible.

We are looking to provide all buyers of the $AAPX token with full and absolute transparency — this post aims to cover all the important aspects of the $AAPX launch, vesting and more!

The ONLY contract address of the $AAPX ERC-20 token is:

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

This is the only address you should interact with! Please check every time before interacting with a smart contract or sending tokens that the transaction is made with this specific Ethereum address — this is the only way to make sure you have received the proper $AAPX tokens.

Stay safe and check OFFICIAL AMPNET CHANNELS for all info!

AMPnet will open an initial Uniswap Liquidity Pool on Tuesday the 9th of March, 2021, after the DuckStarter crowdsale!

We will inform the community about the address of the Liquidity Pool after we create it! There are already fake Uniswap Pools presenting themselves as AMPnet — To trade $AAPX tokens, you will have to check the AMPnet official channels (Twitter, Medium, Telegram)

The $AAPX Token is a simple ERC-20 token from the OpenZeppelin library! The OpenZeppelin Contracts have been audited and battle tested and have successfully held billions of dollars without any major exploits. For this reason — AMPnet has decided to use unmodified ERC-20 contracts from the OpenZeppelin library.

The official implementation of this can be found on the AMPnet GitHub —

The contract has been verified on Etherscan!

The $AAPX ERC-20 Contract is initialized in the following manner:

$AAPX Contract Init

Where ERC20 and ERC20Detailed are contracts from the OpenZeppelin version 2.0.0. —

Our contract is not Ownable nor do we have a public mint or burn function. This ensures a fixed supply of $AAPX which can be programatically guaranteed!

This version of OpenZeppelin has received a full audit and has been battle tested!

Vesting begins on March the 9th, 2021. The vesting schedules are as follows:

  • Seed Investors: 3 month cliff + 6 months of linear unlock
  • Presale Investors: 12 months of linear unlock
  • Team/Advisors: 24 month cliff + 12 month linear unlock

The Seed and Presale investors will be able to claim their first tokens one week after the TGE on the 16th of March, 2021!

This week is a grace period where the team will fully check all the presale and seed sale addresses and their needed balances to make sure everything goes smoothly. The AMPnet team might contact you regarding the presale and seed vesting but WE WILL NEVER ASK FOR FUNDS!

Although first claims are on the 16th of March, 2021 — the vesting begins on TGE — the 9th of March 2021!

During the grace period — the unlocked $AAPX tokens meant for vesting will be held by the AMPnet team. After the grace period, all tokens will be vested in non-ownable TokenVesting contracts — and the $AAPX token will be fully decentralized.

AMPnet vesting implementation is powered by two distinct contracts:

  • TokenVesting.sol (by OpenZeppelin)
  • PaymentSplitter.sol (by OpenZeppelin) (The contract has very minor modifications by AMPnet, which will be explained)

The TokenVesting.sol contract holds $AAPX tokens and allows anyone to claim them. Once the claiming function called “Release” is called — the contract calculates how many $AAPX have been vested and releases them to an address known as the “Beneficiary

However, $AAPX has several hundred investors from presale and seed sale rounds who all need to be vested. Deploying a separate TokenVesting.sol for each one of them would be prohibitively expensive (in the range of $50k — $100k in gas fees alone) and very complicated to maintain.

This is why, in the case of our contracts, the Beneficiaries of TokenVesting.sol contracts are not individual investors, but rather contracts representing “tiers” of investors (Seed, Presale and Team).

These contracts are called PaymentSplitter.sol and are provided by OpenZeppelin as well! However, the OpenZeppelin implementation works with distributing ETH to a number of investors proportional to their shares — AMPnet has changed this implementation to distributing ERC-20 tokens. In our case — $AAPX

So the entire process works like this:

  1. AMPnet creates an ERC-20 contract representing $AAPX and deploys it to the mainnet!
  2. After the grace period. We split $AAPX tokens into several classes (Seed Sale Investors, Presale Investors, Team/Founders/Advisors, Unlocked/Crowdsale , Liquidity Pool)
  3. We send the tokens from each class to their corresponding smart contract. (e.g. Seed $AAPX goes into Seed TokenVesting, Team $AAPX goes into Team TokenVesting, unlocked tokens go to Crowdsale/Launchpad and holding accounts, etc…)
  4. The TokenVesting contracts start vesting tokens with set parameters (start date, cliff, duration). Once somebody calls the release function on the contracts — they send their $AAPX tokens to the corresponding PaymentSplitter.sol
  5. The investors can claim their share of the vested tokens by calling the release function in the PaymentSplitter contract
AAPX Vesting Infrastructure

The TokenVesting and PaymentSplitter contracts will be published with their full source code after the end of the grace period (before the 16th of March, 2021). They will also be verified on Etherscan!

AMPnet vesting will be handled through the AMPnet official website (! Be sure to check the lock in the address bar of the browser to make sure you are not being spoofed of phished. Remember: ANYONE CAN MAKE A COPY OF THE AMPNET WEBSITE, YOU MUST MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE LOCK IN THE ADDRESS BAR. THE DOMAIN MUST BE

Preview of the token dashboard

Please follow the OFFICIAL CHANNELS stated in this article for all updates!



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