AMPnet AMA Recap (June 29, 2021)

The team has shared the information about the upgraded version of the AMPnet fundraising platform, so, let’s dive into Qs and As ASAP!

3 min readJun 29, 2021


AMPnet 2.0; What is it and why is it better than AMPnet 1.0?

AMPnet 2.0 is a comprehensive upgrade of the AMPnet Fundraising platform. The biggest changes currently being worked on are:

  1. The transition from Aeternity to EVM chains (primarily Ethereum/Polygon and then Moonbeam, NEAR, Solana, etc…).
  2. Usage of USDC/Dai instead of custom depositary stablecoins.
  3. Making the AMPnet platform a full-fledged dApp, with a backend serving only as a caching layer.
  4. Integrating onramps such as Ramp. Network and integrating large transaction processing ($1M per single tx).
  5. Tight integration with the AMPnet protocol.


Q: Do you have any plans to share for the period of the next 3 months?

A: The first tests of the AMPnet protocol are already being run internally. As for beta-testing (what we call testnet), it will be available very soon. As AMPnet is not a “core” protocol, the effect of the testnet is more-or-less to run a few successful tests of asset funding and tokenization and then run with real clients.

Q: Hyperion got 40k raised from Greenpeace-backed tokenizer. Will they trade their tokens?

A: Hyperion will most likely not be trading shares. As for the ones who will — it’s probably 5–10 days after successful funding.

Q: Is there a new approach for the estimated funding of projects?

A: We are a Whitelabel solution. We don’t fund projects. On the other hand, our client Genervest has been slower than expected in finalizing funding for their projects.


Q: What do you mean when saying that you will be making the platform full-fledged dApp, with a backend serving only as a caching layer?

A: It means AMPnet will run without a backend structure and will be accessible from custom-developed frontends.

Q: How important is the transition from Aeternity to EVM chains?

A: It is extremely important, we couldn’t emphasize it more!

Q: Did Aeternity blockchain impose some limitations on the development of the product?

A: Yes, mainly the lack of a liquid Stablecoin and the lack of integration with the broader blockchain ecosystem.

Q: (primarily Ethereum/Polygon and then Moonbeam, NEAR, Solana, etc…) — were they sorted in priorities/order of action, what is the estimated timeframe?

A: They can all launch ASAP, but we will be running for a few months on Polygon/Ethereum. Afterward, we will see how others work.


Q: Are there any plans for staking anytime soon?

A: Not currently. Staking is not connected to the business plan of AMPnet — the value to our investors will be brought by our token buybacks. But any suggestions regarding staking are welcome and will not be declined.

Q: How fast after successful funding can we expect trading of the project’s assets to commence?

A: The tokens can be traded very soon after funding, but that is the case only if the clients decide to fund them.

Q: Is there a benefit to AAPX holders from clients just using the crowdfunding platform without trading shares?

A: Token buybacks from successful funding fees are a benefit to AAPX holders.

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