Raise Money on Polygon and Ethereum with the AMPnet Token Builder — Create IDOs, ICOs and STOs in minutes!

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A,M,P — Tokens as easy as 1,2,3

Creating campaigns for your token takes just minutes

Your keys, your coins

Users can connect with their own wallet through MetaMask or use an insured custodial wallet and log-in with social media or email

Fully compliant

In order to invest, your investors must pass a KYC/AML check and deposit investment funds to a blockchain wallet

Beginner friendly — with fiat onramps

Our integrated fiat onramps support payments from 170+ countries and over 16 payment methods (including credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Revolut, wire transfer and much more)



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AMPnet • Build a blockchain powered investment platform — with integrated trading — in minutes. Wrap your investments into synthetic tokens and use on DeFi apps