Leveraging Your Asset Tokenization Experience: How AMPnet Makes All the Difference in the Current DeFi Ecosystem

When it comes to crowdfunding and crowdinvesting, we know only too well that neither concept is new. One could even — with one’s tongue firmly in one’s cheek — say that crowdfunding and crowdinvesting are the blockchain of yore, albeit in human form.

4 min readJun 1, 2021

The first attempts at decentralization if you will, allowing a number of investors to hold equity without necessitating the central body represented by the bank, VC, or angel investors, who can refuse on a whim or at the drop of a hat, because one person on the decision-making board (or behind the desk) didn’t like the idea, could not see its full merit, or — it would seem — just not liking the idea.

Decentralized platforms are in essence the wish fulfillment of many an entrepreneur with a business already up and running that just needs another infusion in monetary form.

Being aware of your surroundings — and making the most out of them!

We are well aware of how the DeFi ecosystem is booming when it comes to lending, insurance, trading, savings, investing, or/and financing. Which is, of course, great. With one caveat. Because that’s where it remains, locked in an impasse with no further development. Where one might ask, is the connection to traditional asset classes such as real estate, renewables, equity, or bonds? And one would be forgiven for asking if any of them can be onboarded and tokenized?

Decentralization only!

Going by existing platforms, the answer is a clear and concise No! And how could it be otherwise, when they still extend quasi-authoritarian control over their issued tokens, which they can create or destroy seemingly at their whim, thus completely negating their purpose in the first place, being decentralized in term only. Much like one person stitching together a suitcase by hand, these platforms direct every request through a central body, which accepts or rejects every request manually, it seems. The vetting and approving process has just been made officially longer, more laborious, and quite honestly hopeless through an intricate and completely unnecessary process that is entirely redundant in a modern world. As though maintaining their status of permissioned and (heavily) centralized bodies were a badge of honor. If it was good enough for the great-grandparents, why mess with an adequate formula.

DeFi meets trust: finally!

Decentralized finance should give people the ability to tokenize all real-world assets. But all the tokenization in the world won’t be of any use with that one all-important key element missing, Trust with a T. In a decentralized system, how do you know where to put your trust and how to verify it? And this is precisely where AMPnet comes in, assisted by the one thing that is practically guaranteed instant trust, blockchain.

Putting blockchain technology to its proper use

The process is actually very straightforward and easy. The AMPnet Protocol steps in enabling people to not only finance but also tokenize their real-world assets, and at top speed through the AMPnet exchange, a tailor-made DEX for AMPnet assets — a feature impatiently waiting to get the much-needed spotlight in the community.

The AMPnet exchange also enables you to co-fund projects, trade project shares, on top of exchanging documents. And finally, meet the AMPnet Tokenizer builder, a fully-featured, whitelabel crowdinvesting and tokenization platform, allowing any and all real-life assets to be tokenized in an easy, straightforward manner. In other words, enabling people to build their own investment platform. Putting blockchain technology to its proper use, without a central body wielding its majestic scepter over the lowly masses, but providing you the security you would expect. AMPnet provides all the blockchain-powered tools you need to convert your real-world assets into tokens, without the need to know anything about blockchain.

And for those who prefer things in brief:

The AMPnet platform itself comes with:

  • Integrated KYC/AML for compliance.
  • An automated dividend payment system.
  • Tax report generation.
  • A large selection of cryptocurrencies or EUR / USD if that’s what you prefer.

But the best way to get to know AMPnet and see how it democratizes the distribution of capital for startups is to try it out for yourself on AMPnet.io.

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