AMPnet is using blockchain to provide businesses, communities and individuals with an affordable, quick and efficient way to finance their projects

Raising money for a project, whatever it might be, is a messy and complicated process riddled with regulatory confusion, operational inefficiencies and (often) a general lack of direction for the project owners and founders.

For a lot of businesses looking to raise money and even more investors looking to invest, it’s not worth the effort.

Let’s take a look at an example of a bar/night-club looking to expand to a new location. The business is growing, the customers are happy and the owner is confident the new location will be just as profitable. However, the company doesn’t have enough capital to decorate and promote the new location. They are renting out space and thus can’t access money from the banks, and even if they can — it’s offered to them under unfavourable conditions.

But what if the owner can raise money from private investors? Visitors of the club, people who trust in the vision and profitability of the future? What are the owners options?

They could try and open an LLC, pay the structuring and accept investments from private investors by selling share capital. This process can easily kill the financing margin for any project under $100k in funding. Every new shareholder is a visit to the notary, it’s a visit to the court registry and it’s a fight with bureaucracy. This process can kill the ROI of the project and is usually not worth it to anyone investing less than $20k.

They can try contacting a crowdinvesting platform, and hope that they accept them as a project worth funding. The acceptance process for most crowdinvesting platforms is unnecessarily long and usually rewards low-risk, low-yield projects. Have a high-risk idea with a 10% chance of success? Good luck finding an investment platform. The platform doesn’t accept your type of business? Tough luck. You need a different legal structure than equity (maybe revenue share)? Tough luck again!

It’s easy to see why a project like this would never get funded under the current system of accessing capital. It’s too complicated for the owner, it’s too risky for the crowdinvesting platforms and it’s too expensive for small investors.

Now, for a mental exercise, imagine millions of small businesses — across hundreds of industries from renewable energy, real-estate, tourism and hospitality to arts, sport and event industry. All of them can be — and many are — profitable. A great amount of them have the chops to spread the word and get investors to fund them. But because the process is slow and complicated — almost none of them do.

Hundreds of billions which could have been invested into millions of local projects, community initiatives and small enterprises — have been left sitting on bank accounts, accruing a passive interest — with banks investing into an extremely limited portfolio of projects.

Can we do better?

At AMPnet — we say yes! Our goal is to democratise access to capital and allow anyone to fund their projects quickly and affordably.

Let’s make raising funds quick and simple

What if the owner of the night club from the story could simply go to a website, click “get started” and get a world-class crowdinvestment platform in under five minutes with no questions asked? What if they could get a legal entity backing up their platform open and ready in a week?

With AMPnet — they can!

Creating a platform to invest through AMPnet

By using AMPnet, anyone can get world-class software to raise funds for their project. Simply create your instance, sign up, create a project and share it with potential investors.

AMPnet gives you tools to raise money with EUR, USD and a large selection of cryptocurrencies. Beyond that, the platform comes with integrated KYC/AML for compliance, automated divided payment system, tax report generation and — is fully secured by blockchain, without requiring users to know how to use blockchain!

It’s the simplest, quickest and most affordable way to start funding your projects.

Project preview
User investment wallet and tax report generation
Investment calculator
Advanced project editor

But… there’s more. AMPnet is a DeFi platform — powered by blockchain!

Beyond giving you a full investment platform in minutes and providing you with a legal entity — AMPnet is using blockchain to connect all of the platforms built through our instance builder — into a single protocol!

We allow all of our customers to co-fund projects, trade project shares and create synthetic tokens.

APX Example Structure

The APX Platform

We call our platform the APX (Asset Platform and eXchange) — and — it’s the most powerful system for investing ever built. It will connect thousands of platforms, from hundreds of jurisdictions funding dozens of asset classes — into a single, blockchain powered, protocol.

APX is an Ecosystem

The assets in APX are standardised and tokenised. This allows us to build an entire ecosystem around the APX protocol — allowing for assets to be used for loans, issuing NFT’s or used in IoT/Automation protocols. The various players in the APX ecosystem will provide services from Risk Analysis, Document Management, Due Diligence and more… This ecosystem is connected and governed by one asset — the APX Governance Token

APX is decentralised — run by APX Governance Token Holders

The entire workings of the AMPnet APX platform are run by APX governance token holders. They hold the right to decide who is listed on the APX platform, how high the fees are, what types of synthetics can be created and much, much more.

To reward them for this — the APX platform incurs fees for trading, wrapping, listing and successful project funding. These fees are collected in a pool and used to buy APX tokens off an exchange through our Automated Token Buyback Mechanism. This mechanism ensures that the circulating supply of APX tokens is dropping as the network activity increases — thus increasing the value of the token.

AMPnet is live — and used by some of the worlds biggest brands!

AMPnet has been in development for over two years and is finally ready for prime time! We’re helping everyone from large-scale brands such as Greenpeace to local initiatives such as WESPA Spaces fund projects in renewable energy, real-estate, company equity and more!

AMPnet is a multi-chain implementation — on Ethereum, Polkadot and Aeternity

We have always believed that you need to choose the right tool for the right job. That’s why AMPnet funders have the option of choosing our Ethereum or Aeternity implementations.

Beyond that, AMPnet is migrating its infrastructure to Polkadot — joining the vibrant, multi-chain friendly community through launching on the Moonbeam Polkadot Parachain!

Looking to fund your own projects? Or looking to participate in the APX Token Presale? Contact us!



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