AMPnet Update: Launch on DuckSTARTER, $AAPX TGE & Platform Going Live

In the past six months, AMPnet has had an unprecedented growth in terms of client acquisitions, platform development and, subsequently, capital raise.

These are the key updates from the last six months of AMPnet and APX:

  • $15M in projects already set on platform. Ready to go live in a matter of days! ✅
  • Launching with Genervest (Greenpeace Greece), WESPA Spaces and Hortilab in March 2021 ✅
  • $130M+ of projects contracted! ✅
  • More than twenty new clients in the pipeline! All set to launch in 2021! ✅
  • Fully sold out two private rounds totalling a raise of $3.34M for the continued development of the AMPnet Platform and the APX protocol ✅
  • Started development on the v1 of Auditing and Tokenizer contracts! ✅

In light of these overwhelmingly positive developments and very favourable market conditions — AMPnet is happy to announce our collaboration with DuckDAO and their launchpad platform — DuckStarter 🚀

  • Launch on DuckSTARTER on the 8th of March, 2021. Check for details. Whitelisting for the DuckSTARTER platform will commence on the 1st of March. All details regarding the whitelisting process will be shared by DuckDAO, to be among the first to know about the process make sure to follow their official announcement channel on Telegram and Twitter.
  • Total APX being sold on the crowdsale — 320k. 160k will be sold through DuckStarter for a total raise of $400k. Additional $400k will be raised through NFT based Bonds. Details of the NFT Bond sale will be announced soon.
  • TGE will be immediately prior to the crowdsale.
  • An OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED Uniswap pool will be opened under the ticker $AAPX — Please consult for all details regarding the contract on Uniswap! There might be scammers opening fake pools with $AAPX ticker so be careful! The $AAPX contract address will be published on official AMPnet APX channels!



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