AMPnet AMA recap (hosted by Polygon — May 25, 2021)

As you might have already read on our social media, last week we have joined forces with Polygon. Basically, we are introducing our Trusted Synthetics on Polygon for investors to engage in a stable, faster, and liquid environment while escaping the volatility of the market.


Q: What’s the main idea behind AMPnet?

  • Completed our Whitelabel fundraising platform. You can check it out here.
  • Launched our token $AAPX.
  • We are very close to developing our protocol with Auditor Nodes, our Tokenizer (Fundraising platform) having a shift to using USDC on Polygon Network and our core protocol being in later stages of development.
  • We have launched our fundraising platform with multiple clients, with currently more than $20M being live on the platform.


Q: How does the AMPnet protocol work?


Q: Will there be a minimum amount of tokens to HODL to become an auditor?



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