AMA recap (May 19, 2021)

Wednesdays are not so bad for an AMA session after all!

In case you missed our 30 minutes of our Wednesday chat time, as always, we’re making your life easier with a recap! Until the next one, thanks for your questions — your interest is always inspirational.

A: It’s simply a network of people verifying that you have locked your shares or ownership of an asset in a government database.

A: We are aiming to cover the biggest markets one by one. AMPnet has an internal sales team, but any help is greatly appreciated.

A: One week, $1000 and you can have it funded.

A: The current development status can be most easily followed on AMPnet Github.

We are finishing on the first versions of Auditor Nodes.

They can now:
- Read from IPFS
- Execute interactive scripts
- Store results onto AMPnet protocol
- Communicate on Ethereum mainnet/Matic testnet

The AMPnet protocol has:
- Implemented NPoS selection
- Implemented procedure holding
- Started DAO/Governance development

We have also created a first “demo” auditing script that verifies real estate in Croatia. We are expecting to run it very soon.

A: They make sure that the network can check assets for integrity. You can become one by either staking your own AAPX or by having others nominate you with their AAPX (nPoS). You earn money by auditing because asset owners pay fees to have their assets tokenized.

A: Yes, listing on a Mid-Tier CEX coming very soon (in a week or two). We are still in discussions with Tier-1 CEXs since we don’t like their terms too much.

A: Every project is responsible for distributing the gains from its own platform. However, if the project is listed as an AMPnet Trusted Synthetic, then the situation changes. They must guarantee the payouts with some mechanism, mostly with deposits secured by AMPnet Auditors.

A: You need to go to a notary office and have a lien or a fiduciary transfer put on your equity (it takes a day and costs a couple of hundred dollars). After that, you are free to tokenize.

Until we get our main account unsuspended, we will be using the following one.

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