AMA recap (April 30, 2021)

Friday has brought some great questions, and we hopefully made some things more clear.

From business development questions, through legal, all the way to circulating supply issues, you showed interest in a plethora of things. We’re glad you did!

If you have missed our Friday AMA session and don’t want to scroll through our Telegram channel, we have prepared a recap.


Q: Are there any major marketing plans in Q2?

A: You have probably noticed increased activity on Twitter, Facebook, Medium, and other social media. This is a part of our marketing agency and content delivery plans.

In addition, to answer everyone’s favorite question — we will not be working with shillers at all. Reputation takes years to build and a second to lose. Integrity will be the core of all marketing efforts.

Q: AMPnet is supposed to achieve 100M in tokenization by the end of Q2. Will this goal be met?

A: $100M in secured projects should be met. We already have $15M vetted, legally compliant projects online and many clients coming to us on an almost daily basis. How much gets funded successfully is up to our clients; we can’t influence this — but we’re quite confident goals will be met.

Q: How is the development of the new web page going?

A: We have just signed a contract with a design/development agency which will be working on our new web page.

Q: When will the Cointelegraph article get published?

A: You can expect it at the beginning of May.

Q: Can we expect another partnership soon?

A: Of course!

Q: How is hiring going on? What is the current team size?

A: Lately, we have hired one frontend developer, and are very close to hiring a lead designer. The team size now is around 15 people.

Q: How can you ensure that promises made by campaigns are met to ensure that % APY is promised to the investors?

A: Currently, there are legal obligations for these projects — you are giving them loans which they are obligated to pay back. If they don’t — you have full legal recourse to get your money from selling their equity assets.

Q: How are the companies vetted to ensure that this happening would hopefully never happen or at least be a super rare occurrence?

A: That’s the whole point of the APX protocol — we use a system of continuous and rigorous Audits to ensure the quality of projects. If a project is of low quality — they will have a very high collateral ratio.

Q: What skills do auditors have to have?

A: Anyone can become an auditor. The protocol is trustless and uses game theory to coordinate Auditors. This is where the performance and efficiency come from.

Q: How is the Polkadot integration going? ETH will be quite a bottleneck to the platform, it seems. Are you bidding for a parachain?

A: The first step will be launching on Polygon/Matic and wait until Moonbeam develops a good ecosystem. Then, down the line, it’ll be migration on Moonbeam.

Q: Is there any update on the circulating supply issue? What is the exact problem with it not being displayed, and how is it being fixed?

A: The problem is we don’t want to put all tokens into vesting agreements just yet until we’re 100% sure the contracts work as expected. And CMC and CoinGecko expect to list all addresses which are held by contracts.

Q: Can you update on the ETA for the L2 DEX and T1 CEX listings?

A: L2 DEX is coming very soon. CEX listing comes when we find a good one.

Q: If one invests in a project, will one receive on-chain tokens to represent that participation? How does it work?

A: This is coming in a couple of months — all projects will have an ERC-20 representation. Meaning, you invest now and get ERC-20 tokens locked, and they unlock in a couple of months.

Q: What are the odds about those price projections based upon fee buybacks that would send AAPX to a four-digit coin by 2025?

A: We can’t give you the odds. What we can tell you is we have 100% certainty that AMPnet is currently the best tokenization platform envisioned — the cheapest legal and onboarding through crowd investing.

If there’s anything else you’re wondering about, check out the pinned messages in our Telegram group.

Until the next one, everybody!

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