You’d think of summertime as the most chill time of the year. Not for us, though! We’ve been sweating for months now polishing our Platform — to offer you a revolutionary bankless fundraising solution.

As you might’ve read in our introductory blog, AMPnet 2.0 is changing your perspective on investing and fundraising. How? By going bankless, saving decent amounts of your money and much of your precious time.

Let’s take a look at the main updates we’ve worked on to bring you the best…

Connecting investors with great business deals always required intermediaries. Whether it’s investment funds, trusts, foundations, or even crowdfunding platform operators — investing your money always had gatekeepers. It was a very expensive and very slow game to get into.

Do you want to enable people to invest in your projects? You better have a spare twelve months and half a million dollars. Whether it’s real estate, renewable energy, private equity, VC, or SME investments — until now, starting an investment business was a nightmare.

We are launching a platform…

The team has shared the information about the upgraded version of the AMPnet fundraising platform, so, let’s dive into Qs and As ASAP!


AMPnet 2.0; What is it and why is it better than AMPnet 1.0?

AMPnet 2.0 is a comprehensive upgrade of the AMPnet Fundraising platform. The biggest changes currently being worked on are:

  1. The transition from Aeternity to EVM chains (primarily Ethereum/Polygon and then Moonbeam, NEAR, Solana, etc…).

The core structure of the AMPnet protocol governance model is driven by continuous liquid democracy. This democratic model allows voting stakeholders to dedicate or vest their voting power in delegates, or retain their voting power for themselves.

We have given an insight into how decentralized networks handle governance, what are the main issues and how AMPnet’s ecosystem solves them with its governance model in the previous article. In this one, you will find out how stakeholders are given voting power and what changes it brings to increase…

The AMPnet protocol is an asset tokenization protocol that establishes a truly decentralized and permissionless ecosystem allowing anybody to issue digitized assets without the need for centralized arbitration.

We’ve covered the details of how AMPnet issues and verifies digital assets within the AMPnet ecosystem in the previous articles, focusing on the democratic, decentralized nature of the AMPnet asset issuance model.

How do we collectively govern a decentralized ecosystem, though?

Blockchain governance can get complicated. Here’s how AMPnet handles…

When it comes to crowdfunding and crowdinvesting, we know only too well that neither concept is new. One could even — with one’s tongue firmly in one’s cheek — say that crowdfunding and crowdinvesting are the blockchain of yore, albeit in human form.

The first attempts at decentralization if you will, allowing a number of investors to hold equity without necessitating the central body represented by the bank, VC, or angel investors, who can refuse on a whim or at the drop of a hat, because one person on the decision-making board (or…

In order for the whole AMPnet ecosystem to function properly, tokenization and auditing systems are of utmost importance.

To democratize the process of how tokenized asset issuers are audited through staking value across the whole ecosystem, AMPnet has introduced the key roles — Tokenizers and Auditors. As all participants stake value, the trust in the ecosystem’s processes is extremely high and secure.

In order for you to fully…

As you might have already read on our social media, last week we have joined forces with Polygon. Basically, we are introducing our Trusted Synthetics on Polygon for investors to engage in a stable, faster, and liquid environment while escaping the volatility of the market.

Our CEO Mislav has taken “the seat” in Polygon’s Telegram group to talk to all of you about AMPnet, the new collaboration, the $AAPX token, the advantages it’s bringing, and the bright future.

Let’s dive right in!

Q: What’s the main idea behind AMPnet?

A: AMPnet is a blockchain startup…


AMPnet • Build a blockchain powered investment platform — with integrated trading — in minutes. Wrap your investments into synthetic tokens and use on DeFi apps

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