NOTICE: There are fake AMPnet APX ($AAPX) Telegram Groups and Uniswap Liquidity Pools. Beware of scammers and only interact with Official AMPnet channels ( , ). The funds sent to the wrong contracts WILL NOT BE refunded nor acknowledged by the AMPnet team!

The time has finally come to launch the $AAPX Token. As Blockchain and DeFi can be quite complicated and stressful to navigate, and scammers lurk everywhere — we’ve created this comprehensive article to help guide you and make the launch of the $AAPX token as smooth and as transparent as possible.

We are looking to…

The AMPnet Protocol is the world’s first truly decentralized tokenization startup. AMPnet allows anybody to create a fully verified tokenized asset through a wholly decentralized ecosystem with no centralized third party or intermediaries.

Tokenization is a broad term that refers to the process of taking a real-world asset, such as real estate, company equity, or traditional financial instruments, and representing it on a blockchain with a blockchain token.

We’ve covered the key obstacles that must be overcome in order to facilitate rapid, widespread tokenized asset adoption in a previous article — Solving the Asset Tokenization Scalability Problem. AMPnet overcomes the key problems presented by asset tokenization such as scalability, verification, and governance.

Understanding the potential impact of asset tokenization on a global scale, however, means we’ll need to take a look at the…

Why opt for us? We could give you any number of reasons, such as our expertise, commitment to eco-friendly measures, investment, and crowdfunding solutions for any business large or small, to name but a few. Not to mention the simplest result-driven interface you would dare dream of. All of which are true.

But where we truly shine is our community spirit. We have pooled our expertise to not only guide you through any process you choose but to be there throughout.

Whether you want to invest in cryptocurrencies or just want to dabble, we have something for any and every walk of life, investors and traders alike.

Our clients range from adventurers looking for investors in small enterprises to those wanting to invest in anything, from the practical to the food and entertainment industry.

We are a community of experts and newbies geared towards the present-day trader and investor, so we are…

Friday has brought some great questions, and we hopefully made some things more clear.

From business development questions, through legal, all the way to circulating supply issues, you showed interest in a plethora of things. We’re glad you did!

If you have missed our Friday AMA session and don’t want to scroll through our Telegram channel, we have prepared a recap.



Q: Are there any major marketing plans in Q2?

A: You have probably noticed increased activity on Twitter, Facebook, Medium, and other social media. This is a part of our marketing agency and content delivery plans.

In addition, to answer everyone’s favorite question — we will not be working with shillers at…

Tokenization is an approach to asset management that operates on the principle of representing and managing a tradeable asset on a blockchain — but if tokenization is so disruptive, why haven’t digitized assets supplanted traditional market standards?

Tokenization both digitizes assets and fractalizes the value of an asset, allowing for trading on a granular basis. The use cases and implications of tokenized assets are extremely varied. Virtually any asset — tangible, intangible, real, or financial can be represented by blockchain-based tokens.

Tokenized assets can include blockchain native cryptocurrencies, tokenized securities such as digital bonds, derivatives, or equities, or asset-backed tokens such as digitized precious metals or energy. Other examples of tokenized assets can include access or usage rights, collectibles such as NFTs, or information — such as healthcare records or intellectual property.

Asset tokenization holds significant potential…

At AMPnet we are pushing forward with our endeavor of hitting $200M in tokenization on the platform by the end of the year. And that’s why in the past few months we have been truly busy working on a plethora of things: from onboarding our old and new clients by committing assets, to working on legal issues, ensuring our platform is thoroughly polished, all the way to adding new features.

So far we have committed to $129M in tokenization. In addition to working with our already established clients, such as Greenpeace Greece, WESPA Spaces, and Hortilab, we also hold agreements…

TGE Circulating Supply:

160.000 AAPX (Launchpad) + 60.000 AAPX (UniV2 Liquidity Pool)

Token Vesting (Public)

~3561 AAPX every day for 365 days (total: 1.3M AAPX) since 8th of March, 2021

~2963 AAPX every day for 270 days ( total: 800k AAPX) since 8th of June, 2021

Token Vesting (Team)

Team/Advisory and preseed investors token vesting begins on 9th of March, 2023. After that it unlocks:

~3827 AAPX daily for 365 days (total 1.39M AAPX)

Reserved Tokens

504.000 AAPX (Remaining unsold public sale tokens, reserved for future capital raise rounds)

430.000 AAPX (Remaining liquidity tokens — reserved for exchange listings, etc…)

1.050.000 AAPX (Reserved for Treasury and grants)

One incredibly important aspect of market dynamics for any asset is — price discovery! The hypothesis goes that the free market will use its mechanisms to find the “real” price of an asset. This works for stocks, commodities, real-estate and — of course — crypto tokens!

However — this process is not as simple as it might seem on first glance. Where there is money to be made — there are people willing to lie, cheat and steal for their own financial gain. In traditional markets — these forces are balanced out through law. If you commit fraud — you…


First things first. The AMPnet Twitter account ( has been suspended for reasons unknown to the AMPnet team. We have filed an appeal and are expecting a resolution of this issue at the shortest possible time.

Token Claiming

The token claiming portal is now LIVE on this link. The token claiming is currently live for Presale #2 investors ONLY. Seed (Presale #1) investors (e.g. BlackDragon Round 1, TCL, …) will have their claims available in three months, after the vesting cliff.

In order to claim tokens, the Vesting contract you belong to needs to be called. You can either do this manually (at any time) or wait for AMPnet to call vesting contracts for you (which we will do periodically).

Token Dashboard

In the past six months, AMPnet has had an unprecedented growth in terms of client acquisitions, platform development and, subsequently, capital raise.

These are the key updates from the last six months of AMPnet and APX:

  • $15M in projects already set on platform. Ready to go live in a matter of days! ✅
  • Launching with Genervest (Greenpeace Greece), WESPA Spaces and Hortilab in March 2021 ✅
  • $130M+ of projects contracted! ✅
  • More than twenty new clients in the pipeline! All set to launch in 2021! ✅
  • Fully sold out two private rounds totalling a raise of $3.34M for the continued…


AMPnet • Build a blockchain powered investment platform — with integrated trading — in minutes. Wrap your investments into synthetic tokens and use on DeFi apps

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